Checklist for Setting up an AMD GPU Mining Rig

Mining is really not worth it unless you’re willing to optimise.
1st tier optimisation: undervolting + sub-60*C temps/cooling
2nd tier opt’s: BIOS mod + overclock

  1. BIOS: Disable onboard GPU
  2. BIOS: Set shared memory to minimum
  3. BIOS: Set power-up after power loss
  4. Download and install Windows 10
  5. Create a system backup
  6. Permanently disable Windows 10 forced updates
  7. Disable Windows Defender Antivirus
  8. Disable Windows 10 User Account Control /UAC/
  9. System Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced -> Settings -> Adjust for best performance
  10. Switch to High performance power plan
  11. Enable automatic login
  12. Run as Admin: Windows 10 Registry tweaks for mining.bat
    Note: Carefully observe processes and resource usage after setting up W10Privacy. If needed, reverse: Configuration -> Load Settings -> w10privacy.ini
  13. Download GPU drivers
  14. Uninstall OS GPU drivers with DDU
  15. Install GPU drivers with Have disk…
  16. Disable integrated GPU from Device Manager
  17. Increase virtual memory to the sum of all GPUs VRAM + 50% system memory
  18. Create a system backup
  19. Perform undervolting: OvedriveNTool (AMD) for undervolting; Unigine for stress and benchmark; HWiNFO64 for voltage/temp monitoring.
  20. Enable compute mode
  21. Install NiceHash
  22. Undervolt and, optionally, overclock.
  24. Once all settings have been finalized, install NoMachine for remote access.
  25. Reboot and set a static IP address (not DHCP-assigned).
  26. Create a system backup.
  27. Replace the monitor with a 4K dummy HDMI plug.


  1. #8 taken from this awesome mining guide

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