Checklist for setting up an AMD GPU mining rig

Note: This post is currently a draft, the procedure listed here has not been completed and the steps/sources – not tested.

  1. BIOS: Disable onboard GPU
  2. BIOS: Set power-up after power loss
  3. Disable Windows 10 forced updates
  4. Disable Windows 10 User Account Control /UAC/
  5. Download drivers
  6. Uninstall OS drivers with DDU
  7. Increase virtual memory to the sum of all GPUs VRAM
  8. Enable compute mode
  9. Install NiceHash
  10. Set exclusion for NiceHash in Windows Defender
  11. Set automatic overclock from Catalyst Control center -> Perforance -> Tuning
  12. Optional and advanced: overclock and/or underclock

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