VirtualBox USB Not Working on Guest Under a Linux Host

Case: VirtualBox 6.1 pass-through not working for Ubuntu guest on a Linux (SolusOS) host. Issue not limited to version or guest OS. Updated 18th Sep, 2023.

FYI: VirtualBox does not add the current user to the vboxusers groups, seemingly, as a security feature.


  1. Check if vboxusers group exists: cat /etc/group | grep vboxusers
    * If you don’t get output, it doesn’t exist.
  2. (if doesn’t exist) Create group: sudo groupadd vboxusers
  3. Add current user to group: sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER
  4. Reboot.


  1. Chapter 2. Installation Details
  2. virtualbox – How to add users to vboxusers to enable USB usage – Ask Ubuntu
  3. #19449 (Virtualbox ubuntu package does not add users to vboxusers group)
    – Oracle VM VirtualBox


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