GRUB error on boot: “disk ‘lvmid/xxxxxx-xxxxxx-…’ not found. Entering rescue mode…”

Case: Moving an SSD/HDD drive from one machine to another produces the error and interrupts the boot process.


When a Linux-installed drive is taken from a more-capable computer and hooked to a less-capable one this error is produced.

The original configuration is UEFI capable and the current one isn’t, hence trashing the bootloader. A similar case was discussed on StackExchange where the issue was encountered due to a lack of support for RAID on the second machine.

Possible Solutions

  1. Changing BIOS settings to reflect the first rigt; ex: turning on UEFI, disabling RAID, whatever is appropriate.
  2. Reportedly, reinstalling GRUB in the appropriate boot mode can work
  3. Reinstalling Ubuntu in the appropriate boot mode, as a last resort

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