Partition Scheme For Running Grub on XFS

Case: After a fresh install of Linux Mint 20.3 on an XFS-partitioned drive, GRUB boots to a command prompt for no apparent reason.
Note: Issue appears to be distro-agnostic.


At the time of writing, GRUB doesn’t support XFS. The /boot/ partition of the distro should be installed on a compatible EXT4 partition. This allows the installation to successfully execute copy/install of GRUB over at the EFI partition.

Example Partition Scheme (Functional)

  • sda – 250gb
    • sda1 – EFI – 512mb #for GRUB install
    • sda2 – EXT4 – 512mb – mount: /boot #bootloader files provided by the distro
    • sda3 – XFS – 177GB – mount: /
    • sda4 – swap – 8GB #swap is 100% of RAM
    • sda5 – XFS – 64GB – label: BACKUP #rough approximation of space for a single clonezilla partition-to-image backup



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