Ubuntu Fails to Boot Due to Misconfiguration in /etc/fstab

Case: While setting up a static mount in /etc/fstab got the wrong settings and now Ubuntu won’t boot. Fixing fstab is required.


  1. Enter the GRUB menu at boot time:
    hold Shift if you are booting with BIOS
    – or –
    hold Esc if you are booting with UEFI
  2. When the menu loads, with your cursor focused on the default option (ex: Ubuntu), press e for command line
  3. At the bottom of the parameters list, find Linux and add to it’s parameters init=/bin/bash
  4. Ctrl+X or F10 to boot
  5. mount -n -o remount,rw /
  6. nano /etc/fstab
    * or whatever is the relevant file editor for your distro
  7. Comment the section where UUID’s are wrong with a #
  8. Reboot.
  9. Set up static mounts properly this time.


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