Newly Created Googleads Campaign Not Showing Any Activity but Getting Billed

case: No data displayed for a recently created Ad Campaign, but it got billed and ads are displaying.


Google Ads campaign running, ads approved and displaying; bids are appropriate and Google Analytics receives GoogleAds data.

But there is no data displayed in GoogleAds for campaign, adgroup, keyword or ad.

The issue seems to affect only a single campaign, created around the 18th of September, 7 days ago (as of time of writing).

Tried reinstalling tracking code, reinstalling conversion tags, adjusting bids.
Account billed for its first week.


From your GoogleAds account:

  1. Reports, in the main menu
  2. Dashboards
  3. Open Sample Dashboard

Stats show up on the dashboard and begin showing in the account area afterwards. Did this two times for the issue to be resolved. Weird, weird bug.

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