Disable/Remove Windows 10 Update

Case: Updates in Windows 10 are known to be notoriously difficult to disable. Microsoft have their very good reason for forcing updates on people (ex: the reign of IE6), yet usage cases outside everyday desktop use can be ruined because of changes caused by updates. Such as gpu-mining rigs.


Windows 10 basically ignores metered settings, services.msc, ignores task scheduler, ignores the registry keys.[2]

This fix is layered more like a security measure in case Windows Update would re-enable itself through unauthorised access by: running itself, installing files, and contacting Microsoft servers.


Best to backup the system partition or entire drive with CloneZilla before attempting.

Reboot after completing all steps.

1) Disable Windows Update Service

To spare your system from making obsolete calls.

  1. Win + R
  2. services.msc
  3. From the list, locate Windows Update service and right click -> Properties
  4. In the General tab, set Startup type to Disabled
  5. Save settings

2) (Re)move Windows Update Files

Search query C:/Windows/System32/ for wua. Example wua files (might vary):


Work with files one by one, from the search results. Steps for changing ownership and file permissions:

  1. Right Click -> Properties -> Security tab -> Advanced button to change file owner
  2. Change link -> yourUserName
    * use cmd.exe -> whoami to see current user
  3. OK to confirm and close window
  4. Edit… button to change permissions
  5. Grant Full control to Administrators and Users groups
  6. Move file to another folder.
    * Store the wua-files as a backup somewhere in case they are required.
  7. Create empty files with the same names and extensions, they will serve as placeholders;
  8. place them back in System32,
  9. change their owner to yourUserName
  10. Deny System and Administrators full control.
  11. Move C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ out of the Windows folder.

3) Block Windows Update and Sync Requests via Hosts File

Update Windows’ hosts file with the following entries.
Location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Note: Run Notepad as Administrator from the main menu before opening the hosts file. *.download.windowsupdate.com *.microsoft.com *.update.microsoft.com *.windowsupdate.com *.windowsupdate.microsoft.com download.microsoft.com download.windowsupdate.com ntservicepack.microsoft.com test.stats.update.microsoft.com windowsupdate.microsoft.com wustat.windows.com


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